Savannah, Georgia

Frequently asked questions

Listed below are some simple answers to many of the most common questions when using our services.

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When is the best time to reserve equipment for my party or event?
You should plan on reserving the necessary equipment as early as possible before your event date. Without a reservation, we cannot guarantee that the items you want will be in stock. If you are unsure of the exact number of guests, we can always modify the reservation to suit your needs at no additional charge.
How do I make a reservation?
For most events or parties, a general quote can be given over the phone or by email. For larger events, we may need to send a representative to meet in person to go over event needs and view the event space.
How does pricing work?
Pricing is based on a setup the day before the event and take down the day after the event. If you require a longer rental, please call us for more information.
When is final payment due?

Final payment is due on delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept cash or credit card. You may also prepay at anytime.

Do you delivery to my city/town?

We deliver to a 40 miles radius of Savannah, GA. In order to find out if we deliver to your specific town, please text your address or give us a call.

What are your delivery fees?

The delivery fee is based on millage and covers both delivery and pick-up.

What time will you deliver my items?
For Saturday events, delivery is normally done on Friday prior to the event. For Sunday events, delivery will normally be on Friday or Saturday. Exact times for delivery are typically scheduled on the Wednesday prior to your event. We will call you on either Wednesday or Thursday to confirm your order and give you an estimated delivery time window. We realize that your time is valuable. Occasionally, our delivery personnel will be delayed by traffic or weather conditions. If this happens, our delivery personnel will call you to keep you updated on the progress of the trucks and give you an updated time of delivery.
What if I need a special time for delivery?
We will try to accommodate your request for any special delivery or pick-up times whenever possible. Extra charges typically apply when a “Same Day Delivery and Pick Up” of rental items is needed.
Do I have to be home for delivery?
We recommend that you or a representative be present at the time of delivery to ensure that your items get delivered to the correct location. If you cannot be home, we will deliver the items to a pre-designated location.
Do your personnel set up the equipment?
All tents will be properly set-up and secured by our trained personnel. Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Sidewalls, and Dance Floors will be installed per the customer’s request. It is not our responsibility to level the dance floor. It has a sub-floor but is the responsibility of the customer to level to grounds where the dance is installed. We would love it if you could wipe down tables and stack 8 chairs on each table. Please place rented table linens in the bag provided and place under the tent. Please do not attempt to take down the tent structure.
What happens if items are damaged or lost?
The customer is responsible for all items from time of delivery to time of pick-up. The customer will be charged replacement or repair costs for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment due to misuse or negligence.
Can you install tents over decks, patios, or driveways?
Yes. Our frame tents can be installed over decks, patios, or driveways given the space needed. Sometimes this requires special staking or water barrel anchoring, so please let us know what type of surface you plan to place the tent.
What should I do about underground lines or sprinkler systems?
All underground utilities and/or sprinkler system need to be marked before a tent is installed. You may call 811 or go to to request your property to be marked for underground facility lines. We will not be responsible for any damage to any underground lines or sprinkler system that is not marked or marked incorrectly.
What we should know about your event?
Date, time, location and approximate number of guest your planning on attending. Whether your event is formal or informal. Buffet or sit-down dinner event. If renting a tent, are there underground sprinklers, cables, wires or any other obstacles the tent installer should know.